Baby You're Not Alone


what Americans imagine being Australian means


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In order to date me you must be willing to do the following:

  • cuddle and never stop
  • hold my hand everywhere we go
  • eat gross amounts of food with me
  • go on adventures
  • wake me up with kisses 
  • make blanket forts

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Trust is a choice. You know, every day, we’re going to roll out of bed, and send each other into the world, just trusting that we have each other’s backs. And we will slip up, and we will be scared, but I choose to trust and to love you through everything.

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If you tell a someone w boobs that they need to buy a shirt/dress that covers up their bra chances are you need to buy some pants to cover up your diaper because you are a massive whiny piss baby

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staccatosounds wondered: Happy birthday, I hope you have a fantastic day ❤️🎉🎁🎈



fuck all this “be a role model” bullshit placed on celebrities. it’s not their job to raise your nasty ass kids.

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i am too gay and beautiful to do math

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heartsmadeofbooks wondered: Happiest of birthdays to you, cutiepie! I hope this will be the best year of your life and that you always find a reason to smile! Lots of hugs and love from my little corner of the world x

Laura!!! 💗 thank you so much for being a part of my life. I’m so glad I sent you that message a few years ago after I read your fic. :) thank you so much

p.s. that square was a heart